Photographing Wildflowers – Pro tips from Colorado

June 17, 2013 - Wildflower Photography Workshop Notes By Dusty Demerson, Crested Butte, Colorado Beautiful wildflower photographs have...
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There is a Delicate Nature to Spring

June 10, 2013 - There is a delicate nature to spring in the mountains. What were once hillsides covered in white are now brown turning t...
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The Problem With Photography

June 06, 2013 - The Problem with Photography Every artistic endeavor has difficulties involved. I don’t actually know all the struggl...
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Building a New Photoshop Computer

June 06, 2013 - By Dusty Demerson I love technology. Advances in photography software and hardware have made it possible to create im...
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Where Do You Find Your Most Popular Images

June 06, 2013 - by Dusty Demerson As an artist who earns his living by producing and selling artwork, I’m always interested in where...
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Risk Versus Reward in Photography

June 06, 2013 - by Dusty Demerson This evening in Crested Butte, Colorado the main street is blocked off and covered with snow. There’s...
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What is in your Artist Statement

June 06, 2013 - by Dusty Demerson At some point just about every artist is asked to provide an “Artist Statement”. Students studying ar...
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Hiring a Wedding Photographer

June 06, 2013 - What Every Bride Needs to Know! by Dusty Demerson and Long after the guests have gone home...
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When is it Time to Say Your Final Goodbyes

June 06, 2013 - Winter in Taylor Canyon by Dusty Demerson Have you ever felt like your life has been a waste of time? Ever felt really s...
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What Makes a Photographer a Professional

June 06, 2013 - Sarah and Phillip Swinging After Their Wedding I read a few photography forums online and subscribe to a number of photo...
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Just Because Your Art is More Difficult to Make Doesn’t Mean It’s Better

June 06, 2013 - Fire In The Grove Over the course of an average day I get to interact with a fair number of people. I go out for breakf...
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Putting Some Play Back Into My Work

June 06, 2013 - Busy Corner It’s late autumn in the Colorado Rockies. That means the leaves have left the trees, most of the foliage is...
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When to Use HDR Photo Processing Technique

June 06, 2013 - Old mining truck in Colorado In the past couple of years photographers have seen an overwhelming number of new digital...
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There’s a Touch of Fall in the Air

June 06, 2013 - Christmas in Autumn After last week’s dismal entry into autumn, this week promises more seasonal temperatures and sunsh...
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New Work for The Crested Butte Festival of the Arts

June 06, 2013 - Fall Fantasy Panorama I must apologize for being absent for the past month. July and August are the only times of the y...
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Tips on Photographing Rainbows

June 06, 2013 - Rainbow over Crested Butte Mountain Now that it’s finally summer in western Colorado the “monsoonal flow” of moisture...
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Back Lighting Rescues a Couple of Pasque Flowers

June 06, 2013 - Nurturing Pasque Flowers Well, the wildflowers are upon us again! It’s always amazing to me how quickly we can go from f...
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Crested Butte Photo Workshops Announce Colorado Fall Colors Workshop for 2011

June 06, 2013 - Intense Fall Colors Near Kebler Pass, Colorado J. C. Leacock and I are once again pleased to offer our popular Colorado...
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It’s Almost Wildflower Season Again in Crested Butte

June 06, 2013 - Bright blue lupine bloom below snow-covered Gothic Mountain. OK! A little truth in advertising might be in order for th...
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The Denver Skyline, A Study in Contrasts

June 06, 2013 - A Spring Evening in Downtown Denver I’m not really known as an architectural photographer. In fact, I spend a lot of ti...
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Whetstone Mists, or How Less is More

June 06, 2013 - Spring Snow on Whetstone Mountain and Cold Spring Ranch. Most of us up here in the Colorado high country are about read...
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Semi-Random Photo Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

June 06, 2013 - A Hand-Shaped Cloud Catches Half a Moon. Sometimes stuff just happens! You’re chatting in the driveway with your neighb...
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I’m Trying to be an Impressionist Photographer

June 06, 2013 - Spring #1 I love the work of the Impressionists. Their ability to reduce a scene to line, form, color and texture is am...
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Help! I need a title again

June 06, 2013 - Tire Swing with Snow Up here in the high country we can get snow 12 months of the year. Granted, from June to September...
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Mother Nature is a Fickle Woman

June 06, 2013 - Rainbow and Lightning Mother nature can be a fickle woman. (I hope she’s not listening) She doesn’t always give us what...
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A Tale of Two Photographs

June 06, 2013 - Columbine 2 Columbine 1 It’s going to be a few months before we start seeing flowers up here again but with forecast...
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McClure Pass Spring Aspen Panorama

June 06, 2013 - McClure Pass Spring Aspen Grove This past week’s weather has me thinking about spring. I know it officially begins toda...
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The Art of Patience and Paying Attention

June 06, 2013 - Intense sunrise color over Crested Butte Mountain, Colorado The title of this post could have just as easily been “The...
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A Weather Geek tries to Photograph a Snowstorm

June 06, 2013 - Blowing snow creates ghostly trees in a snowstorm. I love weather. It’s no secret that thunderstorms, snowstorms, lig...
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“Lone Pine” the Theory of Contrast

June 06, 2013 - A small pine tree in a forest of aspens. Contrast seems to be a recurring theme in my photography. I think it’s a theme...
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Death Valley Dunes

June 06, 2013 - A fierce wind whips sand dunes into shape. A few years ago California’s Death Valley National Park received lots of rar...
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A Colorado Aspen Forest in Black and White “White Forest”

June 06, 2013 - Black and White Aspen Forest If you’ve ever hiked through a dense forest you may know the feeling of seeing endless tree...
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I Find Inspiration in the Work of Other Photographers

June 06, 2013 - Roofscape from Silverton, Colorado I’m not much of an architectural photographer. I usually refer my long-time friend B...
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June 06, 2013 - Small pine tree seemingly threatened by looming shadows of larger trees Way back in the winter of 2004 I got it into my...
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Colorful Crested Butte in a Black and White Paradise

June 06, 2013 - Colorful buildings of Crested Butte surrounded by a Black and White Paradise. I’m not one to really enjoy spending time...
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Snowstorm Panorama from Taylor Canyon, Colorado

June 06, 2013 - Winter in Taylor Canyon It’s no secret that I like storms. Snowstorms are no exception. But when it’s dumping outside w...
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The Peaks of Paradise Divide Tower over Crested Butte, Colorado

June 06, 2013 - Winter brings its challenges to those of us who live at altitude. First, there’s snow which is our only form of precipit...
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Why Mount Emmons is Called The Red Lady…Really!

June 06, 2013 - Mount Emmons aka The Red Lady The mountain immediately to the west of Crested Butte is officially called Mount Emmons b...
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A Huge Snow Storm Makes for some Beautiful Photographs

June 06, 2013 - Peace in the Trees If you’ve been watching the news lately or following any Crested Butte folks on Facebook you would k...
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Colorado Winter Pasture with Snow

June 06, 2013 - Bleak winter pasture with odd composition Sorry this post is so late this week. It’s been one of those “uninspired” day...
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Winter Blues

June 06, 2013 - Fresh snow and sun create abstract shadows Winter photography can be truly challenging with cold temperatures, difficul...
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Autumn Winds

June 06, 2013 - For years I’ve been experimenting with “shooting the breeze”. You know, capturing the effects of wind on a two dimension...
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A Winter Melody

June 06, 2013 - Winter Melody Once again it’s snowing in the Crested Butte high country and scenes like this will be popping up in the...
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Wee Three Bears

June 06, 2013 - Three Grizzly Bear Cubs in Alaska I’m fortunate enough to live in rural Colorado, a place teeming with wildlife. I would...
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Sunset Solitude

June 06, 2013 - Muted autumn colors capture beautiful sunset light. As autumn’s colors start to fade and those of us who live in the “hi...
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Red Sunrise on the East River (Colorado)

June 06, 2013 - Autumn Clouds Reflect Red in the East River at Sunrise With our autumn colors now mostly a drab brown (with patches of w...
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Sunday Morning

June 06, 2013 - Untracked Elk Avenue, Crested Butte, Colorado’s main street. Although it probably won’t look exactly like this tomorrow...
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Sometimes Just Showing Up is Enough

June 06, 2013 - The Hand of God Paul Stookey, the “Paul” of Peter, Paul and Mary fame, has commented about some of his song writing tale...
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Asymmetrical Convergence

June 06, 2013 - Makes you kind of dizzy huh? Looking up through a wide angle lens into an Aspen forest can make you dizzy. But you shou...
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The Road Less Traveled

June 06, 2013 - Snow Covered Beckwith Mountains in Western Colorado (click for a larger view) This week’s photograph, The Road Less T...
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Get Out of the Road!

June 06, 2013 - OK photographers it’s time to engage your brains…and your sense of self preservation. Over the past two weeks I’ve spent...
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Praying for Clouds

June 06, 2013 - A dry summer has let to a dry fall here in the Colorado high country. I hadn’t really thought about how much I appreciat...
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It’s Looking a Lot Like Autumn Around Here

June 06, 2013 - What a difference a week can make on the Colorado landscape. Last week we were wondering if the trees were sick or somet...
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