If you love the landscape of the American West and appreciate its beauty displayed in simple and concise compositions with emotional impact, we may be kindred spirits.


Artist's Bio - Dusty Demerson


          My interest in photography began in high school and continued into college where I graduated with a BA in photojournalism. I produced award-winning work for several newspapers in Oklahoma before adding portrait and wedding photography to my quiver of skills and opening Dusty Demerson's Portraits Plus Studio. But, my true passion has always been capturing the western landscape.


          After moving to Crested Butte, Colorado in 1987 my efforts at capturing compelling landscapes were rewarded with several group and one-man shows as well as permanent gallery representation at local and regional art galleries. I began showing at local arts festivals as well. Two of my images have claimed First Place finishes at the prestigious Banff Mountain Photography Competition in Canada. I continue to refine my techniques and vision while sharing my artwork through numerous galleries, publications, shows and here online at ImagesColorado.com.


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Artist's Statement - Dusty Demerson


           My goal is to share the beauty of Creation. I feel that our perception of beauty is highly influenced by not only what we see but also the sounds, smells, and feelings we are experiencing when viewing our subjects. In fact, I further believe that the way we respond to what we see is a culmination of everything we have experienced through our history up to that instant.


            The western landscape in general and forests, in particular, tend to be my favorite subjects. The sensory stimulation these scenes provide speak to me on a primal level and invite me to attempt to share my feelings through my images.


            My reason for being is to show my viewer something he or she would not have seen on their own. This unique viewpoint may be the result of perfect timing, an optimal play of light and shadow, or a unique composition. Using a selection of lenses and a variety of points of view, I attempt to establish relationships between various elements within the frame. Whatever the technique employed, art requires that a subject is treated in an individual way or that the artist captures a once-in-a-lifetime slice of time to share with the viewer.


            My job as an artist is, at the very least, to create a two-dimensional representation of my subject that generates some type of emotional response by the viewer. At best, I would like my viewer to experience the same emotional response that I had and that caused me to record the scene in the first place. I must then be able to reproduce the scene with a high degree of craftsmanship and skill so that my original experience can be shared and experienced repeatedly by others for an extended period of time.


            Generally, my photographs attempt to restate the original presentation in a manner that evokes the emotional response I experienced without appearing manipulated or fake.