The Road Less Traveled

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Beckwith Mountains Panoramap1259671900-5
Snow Covered Beckwith Mountains in Western Colorado

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This week’s photograph, The Road Less Traveled, is presented today because every autumn has a little bit different look. This year’s fall color is spotty with areas of green next to areas of intense yellow which are next to dingy brown leaves. The lack of a hard freeze has kept the color going and the leaves on the trees for a long time this year but the colors are only so-so. That being the case, a good hand full of new images have been captured and will see print in the coming months. Cold, grey winter days are great for editing photos. On glorious fall days I find it very difficult to sit down in front of the computer for even a few minutes, let alone hours on end.

Back to The Road Less Traveled. Some years all the Aspens turn colors at about the same time making for amazing photographs. A dusting of snow on the nearby mountain peaks just adds to the drama. It doesn’t happen every year which is why photographers get so excited and anxious when it does.

East and West Beckwith Mountains are subjects in lots of Colorado fall color photographs because they lie in the middle of one of the world’s largest Aspen groves. This grove has also been labeled the largest living organism on Earth. Photographing the Beckwiths from Kebler Pass Road means taking your life into your own hands as traffic this time of year can be pretty incredible considering the road is narrow, winding and dirt. (See Rants and Raves for some safety tips.) I decided that to spend some time creating an image of these mountains in their colorful forest I would need to get off and above Kebler Pass Road. There really aren’t very many opportunities to do this. I found this road leading northwest away from my subjects but uphill from the dirt highway. I would prefer not to have the road in the scene but there was no way to compose the photo without it. I had to use the road as a compositional tool. The leading line of the dirt road takes the viewer into the image and leads their eye directly to the distant mountains. The yellow Aspen trees provide a visual “horizon” of sorts against the contrasting blue of the sky. The snow on the mountains helps set the overall contrast up a notch and provides an emotional sense of change to the scene.

I have this image in two sizes right now. A limited edition 48″ on canvas which normally would sell for $600 is available for $450 including shipping. It’s number 2 in an edition of 25. (each new print increases by $50 until the edition sells out.) I also have one 36″ canvas which is a discontinued size for this image which was originally $300 and is available for $100 plus shipping. As always, thanks for your comments and questions. Feel free to use the buttons at the bottom of this post to share this blog with your friends through email, facebook or twitter etc.

Until next week, I wish you peace.

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