Red Sunrise on the East River (Colorado)

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Autumn Clouds Reflect Red in the East River at Sunrise

With our autumn colors now mostly a drab brown (with patches of white in the shade) we look forward to colder temperatures and lots of the white stuff to cover the ground soon to support our winter play time. As the outdoor colors wane finding inspiring subjects for landscape photography becomes a challenge. Patience is required. Attention to the atmosphere helps too.

On the drive up to the old mining town of Gothic, Colorado the road starts out several hundred feet above the valley providing a few really nice overlooks of the East River meanders. These overlooks are awe inspiring but provide limited opportunities for unique viewpoints or approaches to a really nice subject. I’ve spent hundreds of hours looking for photographs in this area a few miles north of my home with few images to show for the time.
One morning as I was leaving home for my usual Breakfast at Paradise just before sunrise I noticed that the sky was cloudy with openings to the east. That’s where the sun comes up! This is a pretty rare event up here. If we awake to clouds it’s usually raining or snowing with no hope of a nice sunrise. But this morning, instead of heading to Paradise, I decided to head toward Gothic with the hope of the sun lighting up the bottom of the clouds overhead. Ten minutes later I had what I had hoped for. As the sun rose it lit up the bottom of the clouds over the river with beautiful red light which reflected wonderfully in the river below. So now a drab brown scene has a ribbon of red wandering through. As always, if you click on the photo you can see a larger version. The subtle colors of this photo can vary greatly from one screen to another but the printed photograph is really cool.
Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. The birthdays of my uncle (RJ Calvert 90) and my father (Gordon Demerson 80) remind me that the holidays are quickly approaching. Photographs make wonderfully personal gifts that can appreciate in value over time. If you’re looking for such a gift please be sure to check out for open and limited edition prints for your walls and for your friends. Finally, a very fond farewell…no, a see-you-later…to Heidi and Mike Frazier. I wish you well in any venture you choose to pursue.
Until next week!
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