Where Do You Find Your Most Popular Images

June 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

by Dusty Demerson


As an artist who earns his living by producing and selling artwork, I’m always interested in where other photographers find their most commercially viable images. Most of us photographers love to travel to exotic and scenic locations to capture those iconic images we’ve all seen in magazines. I’m no exception. I’ve done trips from above the Arctic Circle to the mountains of central Mexico and the Cayman Islands searching for photos. More locally, Yellowstone, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon and Canyonlands. I love to travel and to photograph the places I see.

My real question, though, is where do your most profitable photos come from. Do you find your travel images generating much revenue? Or are your most lucrative photographs from near your home? I hope several of you chime-in on this because I’m really curious.

Personally, I can’t seem to sell an image from outside Colorado to save my life. In fact, I only have one image that sells on a regular basis created outside Gunnison County, where I live. Most of my more successful images are captured within a few miles of my home. My most successful photographs are intimate landscapes. They are not “about a location” so much as they are “about a moment in time”. They tend to have a more universal appeal or tell a story rather than be a documentary about a location.  I’m not complaining. Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled when a client connects with one of my images. I’m just wondering how to market and sell more of my travel images before the IRS decides to dis-allow all those photo travel expenses I’ve been racking up. What are your thoughts?

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