Help! I need a title again

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Tire Swing with Snowp1259670264-5

Tire Swing with Snow

Up here in the high country we can get snow 12 months of the year. Granted, from June to September it doesn’t usually stick to the ground and you may have to be awake in the wee hours of the morning to see it, but it can happen. So today’s 6″ – 8″ of wet sticky white stuff wasn’t a big surprise. In fact, it was predicted by those guys who attempt this sort of thing.

So, after checking emails and listening to NPR for a couple of hours I decided that it might be a while before I saw photogenic snow again. I decided to venture our to see what I could see. As warm as it was (right around freezing) I knew that the conditions would change rapidly as the day progressed. Running around town was a bit of a hassle because heavy snow causes the locals to drive and walk around town with no concern for their safety and, seemingly, without the use of their brain. It was time to get out of town!

After grabbing a McStop and a Pepsi I headed toward one of my favorite photography areas, Taylor Canyon. About 12 miles from town the Slate River Valley opens up to become broad ranch land. One of these historic ranches is host to these two Cottonwood trees with a tire swing. Wet sticky snow helped define the bare branches of the trees as well as the tire and its rope. Low lying fog helped diffuse the forms of the ranch buildings, corrals and trees in the distance. This element, I feel, is really important. Any more fog and the foreground trees and swing would have no “sense of place” with nothing apparent in the distance. Any less fog and the background elements would have been too well defined and distracting. I’ve photographed this swing before with poor results for both of these very reasons. The soft background elements and the sharp foreground elements work together to tell a moody story with an emotional feel. After working the scene for a while I continued up Taylor Canyon with nothing really catching my eye.

So, here’s where you come in. I need some help with a title for this photo. I hate trying to title my images. I end up with stuff like “Tire Swing in Snow”. This image seems to want something different…from you. What’s it going to be?

As an aside, I’m not much of a wildlife photographer but last week I stumbled upon a photographer who creates some unique and incredible images of African Wildlife. His name is Nick Brandt and you should check out his work. It’s Amazing.

As always, click on the photo for a larger view, leave a comment either here or on Facebook. Be sure to share with your friends and photographers. Thanks a bunch.

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