Winter Blues

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Fresh snow and sun create abstract shadows

Winter photography can be truly challenging with cold temperatures, difficult terrain and stark (or buried) subject matter. Just finding the motivation to leave a warm home and hot cup of tea behind to venture out into the cold, bleak white of winter can cause one to rethink his plans. Handling equipment, using the tripod, keeping batteries warm and dealing with condensation or frost just add to the adventure of winter photography. But it can be worth the extra effort.

Winter scenes offer their own unique expressions. Sunlight has a whole new set tricks that just weren’t available when the ground was covered with foliage. Shadows and sparkles become a visual treat we couldn’t even imagine last summer. New colors fill the palette as well. Cooler tones now dominate the landscape once filled with browns, greens and yellows. Lines, shapes and textures take on much more abstract forms in winter creating sometimes simpler, sometimes more complex compositions.

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, I love winter landscape photography. Even though it’s truly challenging and the compositons are entirely different than those of a few months earlier, I appreciate the stark, bare beauty of the winter landscape. Another bonus for me is that I very rarely encounter other photographers on my winter outings. Not that I don’t enjoy a little company but my psyche changes in winter as well. While usually outgoing and chatty, my winter persona is somewhat more reserved and introspective. Winter is my time for self analysis and solitude.

Anyway, about the photograph. “Winter Blues” is a version of a consistent winter theme of mine. I love the play of shadow and light on smooth fresh snow. In and of itself, this abstract scene offers a lot of interest but having the lines minimally broken by the cause of the shadows is an important element to the story-telling of the image. The tree trunks complete the story by showing the viewer where the shadows come from. Leaving those forms to the imagination would bring a mystery to the scene that, I feel, wouldn’t support or enhance the story and would leave the scene feeling a little two-dimensional or flat. I photographed the scene both ways, trust me in this!

“Winter Blues” will be one of my photographs at the Alpenglow Gallery in the ski base area for the winter season. The show, titled amazingly, “Winter Blues” will open on December 15th and run through March of 2011. The opening reception is 12/15 from 6-7:30 pm at the Lodge at Mountaineer Square in Mount Crested Butte. I and the other exhibiting artists would love to see you there.

Finally, I hope your holiday spirits are buoyant and happy and that your shopping is going well. If not, maybe I can help. Photographs make wonderful, affordable gifts and can still be delivered in time for the holidays. I have two websites set up just for your gift-giving and shopping pleasure.

My sites: and can fulfill your print order, offer matting, framing and delivery directly to you. Limited editions and signed prints are always available directly through me at: [email protected].

I hope you have a terrific week and will take a second to let me know your thoughts on Winter Blues via email, Facebook, or the comment form below.

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