How the Art Happens - 4 Crosses - San Geronimo Church

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Four Crosses - San Geronimo ChurchFour Crosses - San Geronimo ChurchThe 4 crosses of San Geronimo Church of Taos Pueblo, New Mexico top this highly symmetrical, historic mission built in 1850 after the destruction of the original Spanish Colonial chuch just outside the walls of the Pueblo.

Four Crosses - San Geronimo Church

I miss being able to travel. I love to travel. Especially in the southwest United States. I especially like visiting and discovering the Spanish Colonial mission churches in this part of the country. So many have suffered the ravages of 400 - 500 years of wear and tear and are now ruins, unlike the San Geronimo Church above.

While visiting Taos Pueblo in New Mexico, I was first captivated by the original ruins and cemetery just outside the walls of the famous pueblo. The original church was hundreds of years old but was ultimately destroyed in the mid-1800s to quell an uprising. This version of the church is within the walls of the Pueblo and was built in 1850. I love the symmetry of the bell towers and crosses. This is pretty common among the churches in Northern New Mexico. The contrast of the white-washed portions with the blue sky and warm-toned adobe creates a minimalist palette that I really love. I don't usually like a cloudless sky but in this case, I think it supports the minimalism and clean lines of the composition.

Taos Pueblo is a favorite place of mine to visit even though the residents are frequently less than welcoming. The history and architecture of a Pueblo occupied for over 1,000 years makes the visit worthwhile. Finding good photographic subjects, however, can be a challenge. Especially if you're trying to find a unique point of view which is always my goal. I'm not here to do what has already been done!

Today, traveling in New Mexico from out of state requires a 14-day quarantine making this destination off-limits to most of us. I hope we can get back to a more normal lifestyle in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy "Four Crosses - San Geronimo Church".


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