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Ruby Range Reflections

by Dusty Demerson

Ruby Range ReflectionRuby Range ReflectionThe Ruby Range reflects a perfect mirror image in Lake Irwin near Crested Butte, Colorado.

I got a new client this week. A friend recommended that he check out my website and he found several photographs that he wanted to display in his home. When I met with him to discuss sizes and finishes he shared several stories about the memories he had from the locations in my photos. He has had Crested Butte connections for several generations and, like me, grew up with annual visits to the area. It was interesting to learn about the emotional connections and memories my images brought back for him.

One of my portrait and wedding mentors is Charles J. Lewis from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I learned a lot from Chuck over the years but the most powerful statement he makes is "people purchase photography for emotional reasons". He was mostly speaking about portrait and wedding photography but I'm learning that same principle can be applied to landscapes and events.

The photo above, "Ruby Range Reflection" pulls at my heartstrings. I spent a part of almost every summer at Lake Irwin camping with my family during "Dad's vacation". He fell in love with the Crested Butte area when he spent a summer here during college at the University of Kentucky studying geology. Once we moved far enough west, we came every summer. Later, I learned to ski here. Lake Irwin was always our favorite spot until they built the lodge. Listening to chainsaws and bulldozers diminished the summer experience for us. I still love hanging out at Lake Irwin and most of my private photo tours end up at this spot for the mirror reflection of the Ruby Range.

Views of the lake take me back to fond memories of my childhood. Are there any places that take you back? Do you have any good memories triggered by a photo? I would love to hear about them if you do.


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