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Aspen Greening

Aspen GreeningAspen GreeningDelicate new aspen leaves fill a Colorado aspen forest as spring turns the landscape green once again.

It's that time again. Finally! This spring has, seemingly, lasted forever and has only recently resulted in green stuff showing up on trees and lawns. This week the leafing-out of our aspen trees has coincided with the opening of Kebler Pass to our west. I can't speak for anyone else but the opening of the pass feels like freedom to me. Freedom to wander away from Crested Butte in a new direction and via a road that's closed seven months of the year can be exciting for those of us who love to wander.

Finding fresh, new leaves on our aspen trees lets us remember that it's time to start anew. Fresh starts are especially welcome this year with limited travel, limited socialization, and lots of other limits too. Tiny, lime-green leaves can really brighten up a forest as well as my soul. I guess saying "hope springs eternal" is probably pushing the limits of being punny but I hope you let me get away with it anyway.

So, "Aspen Greening" is actually an image from a few years ago. I love the delicate leaves decorating equally delicate young aspen trees. The sky was overcast providing bright but soft light with few shadows and little contrast. This is probably my favorite light for making images. It just accentuates the softness I feel in most of nature. I also like that there are about a million different compositions within this scene. Every time I look at this photograph I find a new area of interest. I hope you like "Aspen Greening" as much as I do.

With most of the art galleries and restaurants either closed or with limited hours and seating I thought I would start something new with my blog images. For the next week or until I write my next post, any orders of "Aspen Greening" will be 40% off. To receive the discount you will need to contact me directly instead of ordering through the website but any size print or canvas will receive the discounted price. If you click on the links or the photo you'll see the sizes available and the original, undiscounted, prices. Let me know your thoughts.



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