How the Art Happens - Fire on the Mountain

August 14, 2019  •  3 Comments

Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the MountainFire on the MountainA clearing fall storm leaves fresh snow and golden aspen leaves on Gothic Mountain near Crested Butte, Colorado. Here's a 20 x 48 limited edition print on canvas for $800 that's sure to brighten up your home.

I hear that our planet is warming up. From personal observation, living up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at 9,400' above sea level, I can verify that winters have become shorter and summers longer over the past 31 years. For us photographers, there is some benefit to this climate change. The odds of getting fresh snow while the aspen trees still have leaves has become a regular blessing rather than a lucky occurrence.

The south side of Gothic Mountain is cone-shaped and rises from a dense aspen forest. On really colorful years, these aspen trees sport colors ranging from bright yellow to an almost copper color. If you can also summon some fresh snow and a clearing sky, you might capture a really beautiful photograph.

The day "Fire on the Mountain" was captured began with an early-morning photo tour and ended at this location a few hours before the sky began to clear. We waited for half an hour or so before giving up on having a great sky. We still made some interesting images but, without the direct sunlight, the aspen trees were a little dull. I took my client back to her hotel and headed home for some lunch. After an hour or so it looked like the clouds might break up so I headed back up Washington  Gulch to see if I could get some luck with the leaves.

I ran into another photographer/friend who had been waiting at this same location but had given up. We just traded places! I didn't really have anything else to do that afternoon so I made my self comfortable after setting up to create a panorama if the clouds parted. An hour or so later the sky decided to cooperate and sunlight slowly penetrated the cloud cover bringing a beautiful glow to the golden aspen forest. I got my shot!

Sometimes, if you're patient and you set up and wait, you'll get lucky. If you don't set up, you'll never get lucky! Landscape photography is a game of patience, planning, persistence, and, sometimes, a little luck. "Fire on the Mountain" is the result.


Also, cause I'm an art-geek ... the blue and gold complements will be noticed by those with an artist's education and eye. You're just really good man.
Very difficult to make a great composition of a single triangle dead center. You used light and color as only a polished artist could to break the rules in a most beautiful way. Clouds in the BG tell a totally different story and you captured that too. Well done sir. It's beautiful.
Truly gorgeous and now more appreciated, thank you.
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