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On the Path to SolitudeOn the Path to SolitudeAbandoned homestead and windmill in North East New Mexico near Las Vegas. This stark landscape evokes feelings of space, solitude and perhaps loneliness. I've printed this image on canvas at 20" x 60" for a dramatic presentation. This one can be yours for only $700. It's number 1 of only 25 on canvas and was featured in the Piper Gallery in Crested Butte, Colorado.

On the Path to Solitude

I love to drive and explore places I've never seen or revisit places I've been during different seasons. Northeast New Mexico is a vast landscape with little to attract attention. That may be what I like most about my time spent there. Finding subjects for photos is truly a process of discovery.

While traveling to visit family one winter, I spent the night in Las Vegas, New Mexico. It's a small town northeast of Santa Fe with lots of history in its past. I awoke to a fresh dusting of snow and hit the road early in the hope of finding a photographic subject while the light was still interesting. Just a few miles of driving provided me with just what I was hoping for. A quiet highway, wide open vistas, and soft, warm sunrise light set the mood.

This abandoned homestead and windmill sat just far enough off the highway to allow the snow-filled rutted drive to create a great leading line into the scene. I could have photographed the scene with a longer lens to bring my subject closer but that approach would eliminate the feeling of space and isolation. To enhance these feelings, I chose to use a panoramic format. 

Even though we are usually taught not to place our horizon or subject in the center of the frame, there are times when that approach creates the most powerful composition. This approach is especially appropriate with panoramas. The composition strengthens the feelings of isolation, space, and solitude. Even though I played with other compositions and lenses, none of them evoked the feelings that I was experiencing with this scene. The vastness of the space, the interesting sky, the warm light, and the snowy foreground all worked together to provide an image of quiet solitude without being lonely or depressing. I hope your response is the same as mine!

The first print from a limited edition of 25 on canvas and ready-to-hang is available at a discounted price right now. "On the Path to Solitude" could be yours!



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