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a sea of yellow sunflowers on a Colorado hillside.After the Falla golden aspen tree in a snow covered forestfresh lime green aspen leaves fill a Colorado forestsnow covered aspen trees create a Colorado wonderlandYellow and green aspen leaves with a dusting of snow in an aspen forest panoramablack and white Colorado Columbinewildflowers below Crested Butte Mountain in summerCrested Butte Mountain From Gunsight Pass RoadCrystal Mill Colorado fall colorCurecanti winter mirror reflection in Blue Mesa ReservoirDaybreak Crested Butteyucca cactus artDeath Valley Park sand dunes panoramaearly snow on East Beckwith Mountain panorama Kebler Passsmall waterfall coming from a deep green Colorado forestdeep shadows threaten a small pine tree on a steep snowy hillsidefall colors and fresh snow look like fire on Gothic MountainSummer is glowing in the Colorado aspen forestfall color on aspen branches resemble golden rings