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"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist." Pablo Picasso


Whether you're searching for comprehensive photographic education or you just want to learn how to use your flash, CSP offers a variety of programs designed to answer your questions and get you on the road to making better pictures. Each program includes instruction and multiple opportunites for student feedback to insure a thorough knowledge of the concepts and their applications. All of our training is offered as a one-on-one experience with assignments and discussions tailored to the student's understanding and progress. We'll advance as slowly or as quickly as your comfort and proficiency allows.

Here are a few possible topics available.

  • Getting started in digital photography
  • Perfect Exposure....getting it right in camera
  • How and when to use Aperture Priority or AV mode
  • How and when to use Shutter Priority or TV mode
  • How and when to use Program or Auto mode
  • Why manual mode may be the answer to all your exposure problems
  • Color Balance or White Balance
  • How to use your on-camera and off-camera flash
  • Macro Photography...the art of close focus
  • How and when to create panoramic images
  • The compelling landscape photograph
  • HDR photography, why and how
  • Portrait photography basic and advanced techniques
  • Wedding photography basic and advanced techniques
  • Photojournalism "Telling stories with your camera"
  • How to create great sports images

and many more....what would you like to learn? Our courses are customized and the fees are based on the average time our students take to master a concept. Weekly assignments, discussions and image review and analysis are included with each course. We want you to master a concept before moving to the next level but if you achieve that mastery early we'll just move forward to your next concept at no additional cost to you.


Eight week courses are $395

Four week courses are $199


Hourly one-on-one consulting is $65 per hour (you will be amazed at how much you can learn in an hour. We usually do these consultations over the phone or in person rather than by email)

That's about half the price of other's one-on-one training and I'll guarantee you love the experience or I'll give your money back. You can't lose! Email me today.