The "Getting Started" Class

Well, it's not really a class since it's usually just you and me....more like a private consultation really.


Peanut Lake Reflections photo


New to Digital Photography

If you're new to photography we'll cover the basic functions of your camera: adjustments, focus, exposure, settings, and how to get your photos from the camera into your computer. This will be a personal journey into the world of images personalized to your experience and knowledge base. Lots of questions....lots of answers. We don't want to overload you with stuff you won't remember so we limit this consultation to two hours. Plan on taking lots of notes and you'll want to bring your camera manual along too.

2-hour one-on-one consultation $175

(standard consulting is $95 per hour)


New Camera Class

Are you getting rid of that film camera and coming over to the digital world? Trading your "point and shoot" in on a fancy new DSLR? Just need to know what those buttons do. Our New Camera class may be just what you're looking for. We"ll discuss the various camera modes your new equipment offers and when to use them. We'll talk about white balance, ISO, Depth of field, lens selections, working in RAW, and pretty much anything else you're wondering about. (we can cover a lot of information in an hour)


1-hour one-on-one consultation $85

(a $95 value)


If these classes sound too basic for you give me a call for a customized approach. (970) 349-5038