Becky Benassi(non-registered)
Just found your site. LOVE IT. Saw the cards, may have to get some for your Frankfort relatives.
Glyn Lowe Photoworks
Lots of great work here, all the best.....
Don Metcalf(non-registered)
Hey Dusty, I love your work man. Your images have great creative and inspirational energy.
I enjoyed meeting you at the Wild Flower workshop in Crested Butte last spring.

Keep shooting great stuff and I hope to catch up with you when I get back to CB.
Mari McClure(non-registered)
All of your work is amazing. You really have an eye for your work. Thank you for sharing it!
Fantastic site. I just had to have a peek at the Prom. Happy Spring!
Meisha Archer(non-registered)
Love your work, Very beautiful..
My cousin, Debbie Collier, suggested your web site. I am just getting into photography. I love looking at work that inspiries me, as your does.. I am from Duncan also. Class of '86.. You take care Nice to have been lead to you.. Thank you.
Cindi Larson Polansky(non-registered)
Thank you very much for your time this evening in answering some questions for my class project. Your words, as well as your amazing photographs, are very inspiring.
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